Operate in a socially responsible manner

Create value for our shareholders while operating in a safe, and socially and environmentally responsible manner, as we contribute to the prosperity of our employees, their families and the communities in which we operate.
We are proud of our reputation as a leader in safety and sustainability
Safety comes first: our whole way of working is focused on zero harm. We plan for the lifecycle of the mine and beyond and use our own technologies for reducing waste and protecting environments.

Our values

We wouldn't be able to re-imagine mining to improve people's lives without the strong foundation of our values, which are at the core of our way of working: innovation, safety, care and respect.

Plan and build

Before we put a spade in the ground, our geologists and engineers work together using virtual mine planning systems to design the most effective, cost-efficient, environmentally sound construction and operational mine plan.


Our approach is collaborative: we have a team that supports mining activity in every part of our business; setting standards, providing expertise, sharing new ideas and developing talent.


Processing begins with removing as much waste as possible, often using huge crushers to reduce the size of the material to help recover the valuable minerals from the ore.




A Little About Us

RubyRocks.US is a mining company, owned and operated by Greenlander’s and partners specializing in alluvial or surface mining. 

Employing environmentally kind and conscientious mining practices:

    • no chemicals
    • no shaft mining
    • no seam or open pit mining
    • no use of chemicals or explosives
    • minimally invasive environmental conscious roads
    • minimal infrastructure needs

Our company focused on responsible mining practices, living in harmony with nature and animals.

All our gemstones are sourced “responsibly”, everything we have is ecologic best practices in origins and minimally invasive environmental practices, with unsurpassed stone color matching for complete jewelry collections for our customers.

Mining in Greenland

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